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The COVID- 19 pandemic has caused the UK Government to advised against all essential contact from 16th March 2020 meaning that we cannot continue to run puppy classes as usual for at least 3 months until the advise changes.

Puppy School has been working on the best way to over come this by running virtual classes for puppy owners.

Tutors will use videos to guide owners through the classes, instead of physical demos, as well as giving indivdual attention through a video link via your computer, phone or tablet.

Classes will be small so owners will have time to ask questions and carry out training exercises with the best advise as well solutions to their problems.

So although we won't be able to meet you and your puppy in person, there are some advantages to remote training. First of all, your puppy won't have to wait after being vaccinated to get started on joining a course. They can start a course as soon as your ready to start training (usually around 12 - 20 weeks for puppies). Also your puppy won't be so distracted in class and want to play with the other puppies. You will have full focus! 

Owners won't have to travel far, only into their own living room, which is perfect for puppies that get travel sickness. Plus puppies in isolation will get training and stimulation and their owners will get help and support.

The only thing owners will need to join a course is a device with a camera (either a PC, tablet or phone), a good internet signal, and a space to work their puppy.

You can book a virtual puppy course by contacting me and once you have booked onto a course, you will receive the Puppy School Manual and the Natures Menu welcome box with treats.

See you very soon.

Celia x

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