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. The Perfect Puppy by Gwen Bailey
. Puppy School by Gwen Bailey
. What is my dog thinking? by Gwen Bailey
. Dogs Behaving Badly by Gwen Bailey
. The Rescue Dog by Gwen Bailey
Long lines & House lines
Useful long lines to help with recall training.
Handy house lines to aid with in door training (jumping up at visitors).
Training for Life - fast, effective, positive methods for puppy training .... in 6 easy stages.
Sounds for life CD. Sounds that your puppy will encounter in its everyday life. Covers various sounds like fireworks, thunder, traffic noises, vacuum cleaner, gunshots, etc.
Toys for dogs
A must for your best friend - play is very important for your pets and can prevent your dog from chasing wildlife and running off on a walk!
. Soft toys (frog, duckie, platy duck, teddy bear, lamb).
. Kongs
Treat bags
. Coachies treat bags
. Various colours
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